Kitten Shower


Kitten season is upon us and we are stocking up on the various supplies our fosters will need to take care of the moms and kittens we
rescue from shelters.   PetSmart will accept donated items on our behalf at any time (just let PetSmart know the donation is for OCARC).

PetSmart Gift Cards
Royal Canin Baby Cat Food (Dry & Canned)
Science Diet Kitten Food (Dry)
Fancy Feast Kitten Food (Canned)
Small Bowls (Metal or Ceramic Only)
Clay Litter
Scoopable Litter
Kitten Attract Litter
Litter Boxes/Scoopers
Beds/Small Blankets
Small Cat Scratching Posts

It’s easy to donate right now and it will be sent directly to the kittens!


Thank you for your support!!