The Best Job You’ll Ever Have

Care for Small Kittens
Ask people who foster our cats and kittens how much they love it. They’ll tell you it’s the best job they ever had.

Over the years the Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition has adopted more than 2500 cats and kittens into wonderful, loving homes. Most of these animals have come into our care through bleak circumstances. Some have been found in storm drains, dumpsters or the side of the road. Others were abandoned when an owner moved away. All were homeless, helpless and needy.

A foster caregiver provides everything these cats need to survive — a safe environment, a warm bottle or dish of food, clean bedding and sometimes many sleepless nights cradling sick, tiny kittens. This is a tough job, yet none of our caregivers would change one thing. If you have a family, foster care often involves everyone.

Want to Be a Foster Caregiver?
The Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition provides our caregivers with milk, bottles, supplies, food, carriers and towels. We pay for vaccines, medications and early spaying and neutering. Your job is to provide the care, the love and the socialization (not to mention the laundry). Our foster kittens develop a close bond with humans because they spend so much time with our foster families.

There are many types of foster caregivers: bottle feeders, pregnant cats, moms with babies, adults and speical needs care. The bottle feeders must be able to devote time to feeding kittens every four to six hours, so their lifestyles must be flexible. The kittens range from one day old to three weeks old. For older kittens, the care needed isn’t quite as intense as for bottle-fed kittens, but they still require hands-on care. These kittens, between three and eight weeks old, are generally less socialized and require some tender loving care. It’s a fun time of kittenhood.

Our program is flexible, and we appreciate any time you can devote to this cause. It used to be that spring was the busiest time of year, but it has become year round. Kittens are born every minute.


Apply Now
To join our fostering program, please complete a foster care application and email or fax it to (949) 583-1787.