Keeping Your Cats Indoors

Give your cats the best chance at a long and healthy life

Some people say it’s cruel not to let a cat go outdoors. Based on our experience, we’ve put together a list of all the things an indoor-only cat misses:

•  Being hit by a car
•  Being eaten by a coyote
•  Being attacked by a bird
•  Exposure to FIV (Feline AIDS)
•  Exposure to Feline Leukemia
•  Exposure to Feline Infectious Peritonitis
•  Exposure to upper respiratory infections
•  Fleas, ticks, worms
•  Fights
•  Abscesses
•  Dog attacks
•  Becoming lost
•  Being stolen for profit or research facilities
•  Tortured by cruel people
•  Poisoning by food, pesticides or anti-freeze

And here are just a few of things you gain by loving your cat enough to keep it indoors:

•  Reduced exposure to fleas
•  Cleaner furniture
•  Lower vet bills
•  A pet who’s closely bonded to you, and peace of mind knowing your cat is safe and happy

The fact is, outdoor cats live an anverage of 4 years, while indoor cats live an average of almost 20.

Give your cat the best chance at a long and healthy life!