Learn More about Pet Adoption

1. Why do we spay/neuter early, and does it cause any medical problems?
We spay/neuter kittens as early as eight weeks of age. By spaying and neutering cats prior to sexual maturity, certain types of cancers may be prevented, along with many behavioral problems. With up to 14 million cats and dogs euthanized each year in the United States, we want to make a difference in pet over-population.

2. Where do we find our cats/kittens in need of rescue?
OCARC rescues cats and kittens predominantly from Corona Animal Shelter. Often kittens less than two pounds or eight weeks old are brought into the shelter and are too young to be put up for adoption. OCARC has a special arrangement with the shelter, allowing us to take in these tiny kittens and place them with one of our foster families until they are old enough for spay/ neuter and adoption. In addition, we also rescue many pregnant cats, cats with newborns, and adults that are in desperate need of homes. With the help and care of our dedicated volunteers, we are able to save the lives of many animals.

3. Why don’t we adopt kittens to families with very young children?
Kittens are easily frightened or startled. They can bite or scratch instinctively without meaning to hurt a child. Young children are often impulsive and rough with a helpless animal and can cause unintended injury. Often kittens raised with small children become skittish and less affectionate.

4. What is the adoption procedure?

To adopt a pet from us, we require that you:

•  Complete the adoptions application form
•  Meet the age requirement of 21 years or older
•  Provide a valid photo ID
•  Verify with your landlord that you may have a pet
•  Interview with an adoption counselor
•  Understand that we reserve the right to deny the adoption for any reason

We will make recommendations so that you and your family can have the best possible adoption experience. Be sure you are ready to make a commitment for the next 20 years.