Purrs Medical Fund

The Purrs Fund is Emergency Medical Fund for the toughest cases

Your Generosity Will Save Cats’ Lives – Every Bit Helps

This page is dedicated to some of the cats we have rescued and rehabilitated from extensive and life threatening injuries. The Purrs Fund will be possible only with the generous help of our donors. Unfortunately shelters do not have the funds to fix the broken or injured kitties. That is where we step in, and we need your help!

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To donate cash, please make your check payable to:

Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition
P.O. Box 19393
Irvine, CA 92623

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Here are some of their stories:

siriMeet Siri. Siri is an adorable 7-week-old female kitten. When one of our volunteers was at the shelter rescuing several other kittens, little Siri was just being brought in by animal control – all alone! Siri had some sort of hard substance stuck on her tail, and was just so tiny! Our volunteer couldn’t leave little Siri behind, and pulled her from the shelter. Several days after soaking her tail and removing the hard substance, it was noticed that Siri was still having difficulty moving around and lifting her tail. Concerned, we set up an appointment for Siri at Arbor Animal Hospital in Irvine. After a series of x-rays, it was determined that little Siri had a since-healed fracture in her tibia, and that her tail was completely dead. We cannot be sure how Siri broke her leg, and ended up with a dead tail, but she may have been stepped on or injured out on the streets. Poor little girl!

We made arrangements with Arbor Animal Hospital to have Siri’s tail amputated as soon as she is old enough (in about 2-3 weeks!).   The total cost of Siri’s surgery, including x-rays, is $1,200. The Purrs Fund, which our organization started in 2010, is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of cats we rescue with extensive and life threatening injuries, just like Siri!   She has now recovered nicely and found her forever home!



simonMeet Simon. Simon is an approximately 7-month-old neutered male, long-haired orange tabby. Corona Animal Shelter contacted our organization about rescuing this boy and taking care of the medical expenses to get him all fixed up! We cannot be sure how he broke his leg, but he was most likely hit by a car. Poor boy! We made arrangements with Dr. Bart at the Animal Medical Center of Corona to have Simon’s leg repaired. Simon has since healed up and found a great forever home that will keep him safe.




ariesAries is one of 13 cats and kittens our organization rescued from a horrendous hoarding situation. There were over 65 cats in a small house, with no access to fresh water or litter boxes. Medical costs have been steep for these rescued kitties, and right now we need to raise $681.52 for Aries’ next treatment. She is a sweet and loving kitty (as you can see!) and we hope you can help us, help her.




firekitsFive tiny kittens were saved by firemen from Corona, who heard them crying under a structure that was on fire. They immediately called Animal Control and an officer was dispatched. The tiny kittens covered in ash and smoke needed medical care. We were called and authorized immediate transfer to a local veterinarian for evaluation. A couple of the kittens had burns on their tiny faces and some had their whiskers burned. They were given oxygen to clear their lungs and a bath to help wash some of the smoke odor from their coats. They will remain in foster care until they are well and old enough to be adopted into loving homes.



coconutCoconut was hit by a car and sustained a broken rear leg. When arriving at the shelter we were notified that they received a cat with a severe broken leg and asked if we could possibly rescue him and give him the medical care he needed. The owner of the cat came to the shelter to speak with the personnel, but it was determined that she did not have the funds to take care of the injuries and signed the release documents. Our wonderful vet, Dr. Mabley at Arbor Animal Hospital put Coconut back together again, and he is on the road to recovery. Coconut is currently in foster care and will be available for adoption once he fully recovers from his injuries.




Skeskeetereter was found hanging by his tail from a tree. A kind passerby cut him down and brought him to the Corona Animal Shelter. We were called to see if we could rescue him. We took him to our vet in Irvine were it was determined that his tail was broken and it would heal. Skeeter remained one of the sweetest, most affectionate cats and shows no ill towards humans. One of our wonderful volunteers fell in love with him and adopted him in April 2010.




darcyDarcy was found by the side of the road by Corona Animal Control apparently hit by a car. We were immediately called from the shelter if we were able to help this kitty. We authorized immediate transfer to a local veterinarian to treat for shock and to advise us of the injuries. It was determined that her leg was crushed and needed amputation, and also had a broken pelvis. Darcy had her surgery and recovered nicely in foster care. She was adopted in March 2010.



courtneyCourtney came into Corona Shelter with extensive injuries from an automobile fan belt and was transferred to a local veterinarian for evaluation. It was determined that she sustained a broken leg and her tail would have to be amputated. The shelter contacted us and asked if we could rescue her. After many weeks in foster care she recovered nicely and was adopted to a wonderful family.




banjoBanjo was trying to jump a fence and got his leg caught. He was brought to the shelter and it was determined that he had a severe broken leg. We were called to help the kitty and we authorized treatment to a local vet. Upon picking him up from the shelter we brought him to our veterinarian in Irvine for a recheck of the splint, and to make sure the leg was healing correctly. It was discovered that he developed a severe infection that required immediate hospitalization to control the infection with IV antibiotics. Banjo remained in the hospital for one week and did lose two toes because of the infection. He required two months of intensive care in a foster home. He remained a wonderful kitty throughout his ordeal and was adopted in June 2010.