How to Adopt

Adopting a Rescued Cat or Kitten

We want to make the right match for your family, so these cats never need our help again

Commitment is Key

Adopting an OCARC cat or kitten is a life-long commitment of love, care and medical treatment for the life of the cat, which can be up to 20 years. Adopting a pet is a serious commitment, but one that is very rewarding. Please take this responsibility seriously. We are always here to support you along the way.

To adopt a cat or kitten from us, you will be required to:

* Complete the adoptions application form
* Be 21 years of age or older
* Have a valid photo ID
* Verify with your landlord that you may have a pet
* Interview with an adoption counselor
* Understand that OCARC reserves the right to deny the adoption for any reason

Before you complete the adoption application, please read our adoption policies.


You can meet our cats and kittens at:

PetSmart in the District
Every Saturday from 12-4pm

2237 Park Ave Tustin, CA 92782